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Hi, I'm Yv. So nice to meet you!
Born and raised in the Netherlands, I've always been driven by adventure, freedom and learning new things. I try to live a simple life while focusing on my priorities - freedom, family, friends, fitness, flow and fun.

Yv's Guide is about love, culture, vitality, beauty, spirituality, romance, freedom and crispy style. It's also about how to deal with loss of dear ones, emotions, character building, being true to yourself and making your dreams happen while living a balanced life. It's a place where I share good habits for living well. Habits from experts, friends and inspiring people that are useful to live well in modern society.

Yv's Guide is...

... the result of my time in Bali. At 27 I decided to quit my job as a lawyer and started my own business. Short after that epic moment I won the Murphy's Law jackpot. How do we deal in a healthy manner with loss of loved ones, a broken heart, long periods of stress and adversity. I decided to detox from life in Amsterdam, which took me on a journey to Bali rebuilding my foundation together with a coach, Qi Gong master and pilates teacher. In 6 weeks I went from being on the edge of a burn out to experiencing so much flow and energy, it's the best thing I've ever done.

During this period I learned so many valuable things. Things that I believe will contribute to the quality of life for everyone. That's why I decided to collect the good stuff in one place. This way everyone - experiencing stress and wanting to reclaim their vital, strong and relaxed self - can benefit from it. Excited to show you the good stuff.

High five, Yv.
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