Yv's Guide

Yv's Guide is about love, culture, health, spirituality, romance, freedom and crispy style. It's also about how to deal with loss of loved ones, emotions, character building, being true to yourself and making your dreams happen. I write and speak about this and share good habits for living well. I'm bringing you techniques and habits from experts, friends and inspiring people who master certain things that are valuable and useful for all of us. My mission is simple: to inspire you to move forward and take positive action. Being very pragmatic I test everything myself and it's my intention to bring you the very best of what I'm living and learning. The purpose of this website is to provide links to my latest work. Sign up and good things will come your way.

This is me

Hi, I'm Yv. You'll normally find me with a smile on my face, seeking out adventure. Curiosity is my middle name, which is why I've spent the start of my career in a variety of sectors including law, fashion and tech. Born and raised in the Netherlands, I like to play by my own rules and I'm always on the hunt to learn new things. What else? Well, I go weak at the knees for beautiful words, music, kindness and foot massages. I love romance but I'm my own knight in shining armor. When I'm having dinner with friends I like to be in charge of the stereo and get the party started. Someone else opening my eyes to a brand new beat is exciting as well. Yv's Guide is about my passion for life itself which I like to study in all it's glory. The highs, the lows. My new approach of less head, more belly has been life changing. (read more)

For my much loved father and nephew Lex, who taught me that in the end only one thing matters: how much we love.